Elizabeth Hay, A Student of Weather

Mario Vargas Llosa, The Feast of the Goat

Vasily Grossman, Life and Fate

Jorge Semprun, Life or Literature

Jean D’Ormesson, At God’s Pleasure

W. Sebald, Austerlitz

Thomas Savage, The Power of the Dog

James Salter, All There Is

John Williams, Stonor

Amy Sackville, Orkney

Tim O’Brien, In the Lake of the Woods

Murray Bail, The Voyage, Eucalyptus

Patrick White, Voss, A Fringe of Leaves, The Vivisector

Haldor Laxness, The Fish Can Sing, World Light, Independent People

Wallace Stegner, Remembering Laughter, Crossing into Safety

Miklos Banffy, They were all counted (first in The Transylvanian Trilogy)